Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Put 'em on a work detail......

I've always appreciated a good mob story, and you have to admire the organizational skills the familia has possessed. And at least the early organizations seemed to have a code of conduct that was almost gentleman-like, there were no drive-by shootings where 10 year olds were killed in the cross-fire..nobody was whacked without permission, etc..etc..not like teenage inner city thug gangs of modern times.

So I've always thought when johnny law catches up with these mob members , it seems a waste of talent to just lock them up in a cell with basic cable TV........why not put them to work on the frontlines in the war on terror....not regular army....but undercover special forces. Dressed in robes hanging out at the local cafe in Morocco a gambino is gonna blend much better than an all-American red-haired mid-western boy. And lets face it if la cosa nostra members know one thing, it's how to whack the bad guy......"You need people like me so you can point your f-ing fingers, and say "that's the bad guy."......(sorry I digress; it's hard to write in a bad Cuban accent, so I won't try).

So I propose la cosa nostra become special forces in the war on terror, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, terrorist body disposal, plausible deniability. And if any of you guys on the inside find work in the Middle East, I want a commission.......... Because a mobster is a terrible thing to waste. .......................................(just thinking out loud).

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