Friday, April 22, 2005

Not to say we told you so........

....but, we testified at every city council & county commission hearing the harm that would be done to local businesses . However, we didn't have the tens of millions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies provided to the non-profit health organizations for bogus research.

Perhaps the American Cancer Society can take some of that $14,000,000.00 paid to them by the Nicoderm, Nicotrol companies er ...I mean foundation ...and start paying the businesses who are being devastated by their "fresh clean air" social engineering programs, they can start with me, I'll give you my mortgage and car payment booklets.

Below is an update of local bar business losses:

Hey non smokers, where are you? I am sure I heard you promise to come out and spend money in the bars and restaurants once the smoking ban was implemented. After just 2 weeks we already have several Minneapolis bars no longer open for lunch. Lost jobs as well as revenues. I have heard of one bar that has already laid off 10 employees after just 2 weeks. I have 3 employees leaving that I will not be replacing. Lets assume each of the 614 liquor licenses in Minneapolis laid off just one employee each. That is 614 jobs lost solely because of a smoking ban. Good thing too, since not as many people are looking for jobs in this business anymore. Potential employees know smoking bans decrease sales and tips. The "dip" in revenues range from 10% to 65% depending on the business. The same dip we were assured would not happen. Some businesses will not survive as they wait for their customers to trickle back, if they do. The same dip that the Mayor spent $400,000 in advertising trying to prevent. Sure wish he would have listened to the bar owners and hired more cops, we need them. So how about taking the family out to eat this weekend? Invite your friends too. Any bar or restaurant owner, and especially their staff, will be happy to have you.
Sue Jeffers
Stub and Herb's 612-384-4374

The appearance of course is that RWJF and the local government's secondary agenda is the elimination of a few dozen liquor licenses in our area.

When one segment of a community is impacted negatively it affects the whole community; it may only be a few dollars, as an aggregate though, it adds up. And remember keep your chin up you're breathing "clean fresh air" in that empty bar / restaurant.

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