Friday, April 01, 2005

The non-smokers are already......

......not pulling their fair share.

Here Ann Berne-Rannow, from Eden Prairie in a letter in the strib writes.......gather a group of fellow nonsmokers, head to a bar or restaurant, and celebrate your right to breathe smoke-free air! Don't forget to keep going, too. ....

The problem of course is that the nanny activists don't frequent the bars, and urging their non-smoking friends ..Don't forget to keep going, too...only emphasizes the point all the more.

The non-smoking ordinance is going to bring new business to bars & restaurants, that's what all the doctors and pharmaceutical company spokesman testified at all the smoking ban hearings.

Here are some overnight results:

Happy Hour at Stub and Herb's- Day one of the smoking ban.30 of my 35 customers were smoke haters. This particular group of smoke haters told us they were from the American Lung Association and the Minnesota Department of Health. They ate half price appetizers and toasted the fresh air in the bar with their ice tea and water. One slipped my bartender a note saying "even if Stub and Herb's goes out of business, God will take care of him." My bartender received a dollar tip and wants to quit.
Half of our regular Thursday lunch customers didn't come in for lunch and our band informed us they will be looking at St. Paul bars to play at. (see channel 9 news)
Sue Jeffers
Stub and Herb's

Join the crowd. We had twelve people in the bar during the day. Most were drinkers however. Sales were very low compared to our usual Thursday.
American Legion
Bloomington, MN.

I walked into Liquor Lyle's in Uptown at 8:30 pm, anyone who knows this place knows it's normally packed with a young smoking crowd standing room only, 300-400+. There were less than 20 people there, I walked in the bouncer asked for my I.D., I first asked "can I smoke here?" he said "you can't smoke anywhere" to which I replied "ok I'm going to St. Paul".

Hey, where are all you white wine sipping, Brie sampling, health enlightened socialists? Your testimony .."that business' will not suffer" seems very distant now.

Update: here's a musical ditty that bar & restaurant employees can that they have so much spare time...between pouring iced tea and iced water for the Brie crowd. What a genius move these ...non-smoking activists have eliminated alcoholic beverage consumption at the same time, what a sneaky way of resurrecting alcohol prohibition without bringing up the subject directly, they've saved us from ourselves.....again.

Of course this is going to exacerbate the social security issue since we'll all live for eternity.

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