Friday, April 29, 2005

No need to worry about social security......

....folks I just opened my email and what do I find?

Dear Respectful One,We are well confident on your capability to assist usin a transactionof mutual benefit on investment in your Country as westrongly believethat you will not betray the relationship we are aboutto establish onyou having gone into prayers with your contacts.In abreif introduction,Iam Joy amed and here with me is my younger brother Mrlopezamed.we are totally convinced to write you inreference of the transfer of US$12.5 MILLION DOLLARSto your accountfor onward investment (hotel industries) in yourcountry.we offer you 25% of the total sum for yourassistanceand 10% for expenseces on like phone calls etc.please contact us as soon as possiblebest regards and GODblessyours sincerely mrs JOY/younger brother___________________________________________________________________________Con Terra MAIL obtienes 6MB de espacio además de bloqueo ANTISPAM a Internet 3 x 1, desde ¡$179 pesos al mes! los mejores productos y precios increibles!!Aprovecha nuestra promoción a 12 pagos sin intereses con Banamex y Bancomer, there is no way I could spend all this scam money all by myself, anybody out there have any suggestions?

Perhaps I should donate it to george soros' OSI for all that he's done for our country.....and after losing so many millions on the last election, I feel for the guy.....hopefully he knows to declare bankruptcy now before the new law takes effect.

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