Friday, April 01, 2005

I am speechless......

....mainstream media publishing a letter to the editor which opposes the smoking ban.

The OSHA parameters for acceptable limits of nicotine exposure is 0.0005 grams per cubic meter (g/cu.M.). St. Louis Park conducted an air quality study in 19 bars and restaurants and the median level of exposure was 0.0000033g/cu.M., roughly 150 times below the federally mandated level. (Full details of the study can be found at

A public health hazard has been the justification for mandating smoking bans, and that justification is, to say the least, highly dubious. Under these circumstances, violating the private property rights of business owners and the freedom to choose for their consumers is nothing more than the government's (and special interests') abuse of power.

Of course that local paper could only be the St. Paul Pioneer Press thanks to the likes of Mark Yost. The white wine sipping Brie sampling crowd at star & sickle would never publish dissent against socialist elite governance, fact of the matter is I never read the socialist rag it could be full of letters to the editor against the smoking ban; but it's a safe bet that's not the case.

I think the third letter down is a highly enlightened (I hate that word will forever represent the socialist mindset to me) piece this individual must be a deep logical thinker, explains why the socialist local politicians wouldn't listen. Logic and facts have no use in the socialist reform movement going on in Minneapolis & Hennepin County government, you vill all be fitted vith birkenstocks, receive lifetime bus and train passes, and forced to move into one room 500 s.f. $800,000 condos in downtown Mpls., and you vill not dissent against the party thought.

Of course maybe it was some of the $600,000 dollars being thrown around by the Cancer Society at Hennepin County and Mpls., & Bloomington councils that bought our latest Gestapo ordinances.

Speaking of which......changing the political landscape that is....I was at an undisclosed location talking to the assistant chair of MN. GOP district #----, in between grinding puppies and ...gasp..say it ain't so....promoting freedom & private property rights, they are searching for candidates to help change the political winds of Mpls. city council & Hennepin county commission. If anyone knows of a slightly right of Stalin thinker let us know.

Now to go buy every copy of The St. Paul Pioneer Press I can find, cut out & frame that genius letter to the editor send one to mom, dad, aunt Marilyn.........I've been published, you like me..... you really do! Thank you folks ...I'll be signing autographs all week here. My editor for the piece Brian St. Paul Ward will be scouting for personal appearance locations.

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