Sunday, April 17, 2005

And now, for your educational entertainment......

Social Engineering Tragedy Productions presents South Park "Butt Out" (click to download now, .ram file realplayer on my system). It will download in the background no time clock or anything letting you know that it is working. While you're waiting for the full 22 minute feature, (it takes 120 seconds to download on high speed) feel free to rummage thru the attic reading your favorite rant about how idiotic and factually wrong the health Nazis are.

Speaking of which, does anybody remember that it was actually Hitler who engineered the first smoking ban in socialist Nazi Germany. Which reminds me, the next time the leftist pigs claim conservatives are brownshirt Nazis we need to re-educate our pseudo-intellectual moonbats that the Nazis were the party of socialist dogma which they themselves so dearly love, so if the brownshirt fits most likely belongs to a moonbat.

Anyway, I was reminded of the South Park episode when Token Female Blogger started reading South Park Conservatives this weekend, and since I can't read I decided to watch the anti-smoking episode again. ........So for those of you out there who also are too intellectually challenged to read....or just too lazy...let the conservative cartoon begin...( if your internet connection is slow you probably have time to visit the snack bar before the feature, and please remember to turn off all cell phones so that others may enjoy the film.)

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