Thursday, March 17, 2005

A St. Patty's Day shout out....... my homies at Hennepin & Ramsey counties, as well as Mpls. & Blmgtn. city councils in the form of an email.

(this article was sent to Henn & Ramsey commissioners, Mpls. & Blmgtn. council members 3/17/05 a.m., thought I would forward to all of you as well)

From the Tacoma News Tribune, February 11, 2005, "High Court Extinguishes County Smoking Ban," by Adam Lynn

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Board instituted its smoking ban last year. Members argued that they had the authority to regulate smoking because many scientists believe secondhand smoke is a health threat........

Now for the cast of characters who helped finance the ban.......

Pharmaceutical nicotine wants a smoking ban to coerce a consumer choice of their "Smoke Free nicotine delivery device gum, patch, lozenge and inhaler products. Tribes support a statewide smoking ban to receive the benefits of a virtual monopoly to accommodate patrons who smoke in their smoking-ban-exempt facilities. ............. $1.1 million in private, special-interest pharmaceutical grants, directed in large part to supporting Pierce County's ill-fated attempt to impose its own brand of "Smoke Free" nicotine mandates.................Grants To this Grantee" icon for the $200,000 grant to Tobacco Control journal readers will determine that total grants to Health Research, Inc. total more than $8.8 million. Why should Janis Johnson and her hospitality trade colleagues be required to fund a perennial budget to combat GlaxoSmithKline's and Pfizer/Pharmacia's desire to expand their "Smoke Free" nicotine market share? ...........Add up just the resources listed above that were put forth by pharmaceutical special-interests to float a smoking ban in Pierce County and throughout our state. It is not an exaggeration at all to say that many tens-of-millions were committed to that smoking ban effort and others. ......................The victory for Janis Johnson and her fellow Pierce County hospitality business owners is particularly sweet considering the vast resources and organized commitment made to that smoking ban effort by out-of state special-interests.

Full story here:

This is very interesting material, however here in MN. we have the added benefit of having a local Environmental Health Department which conducted secondhand smoke air quality sampling, and the results don't bode well for the proponents of a smoking ban.

found here:

Good St. Patty's day to you all....commissioners and city council members. May the luck of the bolarney be with ye.

No apologies about posting news on the smoking ban, that's my life so read it or don't, I don't care. Hopefully the county commissioners & city council members did read the email though......hey homies I'll be at my favorite pub lightin' up a big fat stogie in your honor tonite! And on April 1st....2nd.......30th well. I'll save one for my friends at MPAAT, and the American Lung assoc. also.

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