Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Prager and ramblings.....

We're glad drjonz had a good time at Prager forum, yes I did boo Dennis and I'd do it again; you mess with the bull you're gonna get the horns.

Seriously though, Prager is probably my favorite on the 1280 line-up, mainly because he has a thoughtful, intelligent, disarming approach to his callers. Whereas some talk show hosts like the abrasive slam-the-caller-as-an-idiot style (which they usually are), but I like Prager's style because I see him as most likely able to convince those left of center , how to look at politics with more of a common sense approach that may in the long run bring people to our way of thinking. If blue states are going to become red states we need somebody to educate the new recruits, not slam them as idiots, anybody can do that. So all hail Prager..........."booooooo".

I haven't thought too much about posting lately, as I've become busy helping the property rights activists stand up against the mpls., bloomington, hennepin co. smoking bans; folks this fight isn't over not with new information like this.

St. Louis Park Environmental Health Dept. tests prove secondhand smoke measurements in all its 19 bars & restaurants is 150 times safer than OSHA permissiblie exposure limits.Those results render any government argument that secondhand smoke is a public health issue, null & void once and for all. (to reverse bans we are having to raise money for legal fees, but many have been receptive).

Sorry I know the smoking ban subject turns most of you off, so the other reason for lack of posting is the recent passing of Greta, I know she was just a dog; but she was part of my life for 9 years, and Jordan's baby for 13 years. Greta had a great long life and we will miss her, but please everyone don't encourage Jo to get another animal, with three other dogs it's hard enough to get the little woman to clean up the doggy doo in the yard as it is.

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