Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Minneapolis soft on crime?

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybek has struck me as more in touch with his feminine side than most men, not that there is anything wrong with that. I noted that, even as he was campaigning; but was happy to ignore his presence since Jo & I had not been Mpls. residents for years. He entered my peripheral briefly again when his sensitive nature blurred his judgment to favor the "political correctness" of a smoking ban, but we now have proof that second hand smoke is not a public health hazard; and I was fine to continue to ignore his whimsical ways.

What has always gnawed at me though, was the Chief Olson issue. I suspected at the time that Chief Olson's no-nonsense, blunt, get-the-job done, in-your-face style, probably offended the delicate sensibilities of our fair Mayor; but getting rid of Chief Olson seemed to me like inviting higher crime rates. Tough, hard-nosed police forces seem to get better control, if not the respect, of criminals. And lately the metro news seems to show that the hens have indeed come home to roost........higher serious crime rates.

If there is a message in my rambling it is simply this; sensitive, thoughtful, men or women should maybe seek employment in the arts........decorating perhaps. But when the job is deciding public safety, life & death issues; lets make sure we elect politicians with backbone. Someone who realizes that getting in the way of progress is just that....getting in the way. I am reminded of a line in the latest film version Tombstone when Powers Booth character says ".....the next time we come to town you best step aside..........and I ain't kiddin neither....." That's a line I could hear Chief Olson deliver, but not Rybek. So Mayor when your term is best step aside.

Note...I attended high school with a prominent member of the Mpls. Police Dept. whom I haven't talked to in years, perhaps I'll have the opportunity to have lunch with said person and get the real behind the scenes scoop. ....You heard it here first--off the record, on the Q.T., and strictly hush-hush.

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