Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The gauntlet......

.....has been thrown, and I am nothing if not a tool of peer pressure. I normally love to rip these activists a new one, however since I have actively become involved in testifying before Senate, House, County commission, and City councils I feel the need to take the high road, lest my future testimony be totally disregarded as hostile and deranged.

Here Ann Berne-Rannow, from Eden Prairie in a letter in the strib writes.......gather a group of fellow nonsmokers, head to a bar or restaurant, and celebrate your right to breathe smoke-free air! Don't forget to keep going, too. ....

The problem of course is that the nanny activists don't frequent the bars, and urging their non-smoking friends ..Don't forget to keep going, too...only emphasizes the point all the more.

Here activists, let me clue you in as to why bars & restaraunts lose money with smoking's the business 7 days a week from 9pm to 2am which suffers; the prime sales at that time is the liquor receipts. You and your nanny friends could go out to eat 5 times a day and you won't contribute the same profit margin to the business as a smoking crowd contributes in liquor consumption between 9pm-2am. Food sales may net a 10% margin after costs, but alcohol is 50%+ and there-in explains why the nanny's will not be able to make up the business loss incurred during a smoking ban.

The fact that the strib is running only letters to the editor which are pro smoking ban shows how much the facts we presented in the MN. House & Senate have wounded them. It obviously comes as no surprise which side of the issue our "nanny state" newspaper of record, falls on. You will never see the facts below printed in the Star & Sickle.

The OSHA parameters for acceptable limits of nicotine exposure is .0005 grams per cubic meter (g/cu .M.) The City of St. Louis Park conducted an air quality study in 19 bars and restaurants in its jurisdiction and the median level of exposure was .0000033g/cu. M. This is roughly 150 times below the federally mandated level for safety. (Full details of this study can be found at my web site:

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the St. Louis Park city offices, which must be flooded with angry nannies complaining that the reason their hair smells like smoke when they leave the BW3 in Dakota county is because the SLP air quality study stopped the statewide smoking ban efforts.

peaking of efforts or more specifically lobbying, I just received info. from a local reporter that in 2004 while lobbying just our county and few city councils the Cancer Society spent $600,000 in I mean lobbying ....those smoking bans. I will continue to compile the millions spent lobbying our lawmakers for a smoking ban. It's going to be hard for those raising the money to justify further spending though, with information like this....actual tested secondhand smoke is roughly 150 times below the federally mandated level for safety.

So keeping writing your letters you anti-smoking now have to try to overcome the St. Louis Park test results, so start spinning.

As I mentioned though in an earlier post if the activists want to donate those lobbying funds directly to me, I may...............?

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