Thursday, February 24, 2005

Like sheep led to slaughter...........

Like sheep led to slaughter...........
This cannot be unexpected news to anyone. As we watch our MN. lawmakers attempt to ban smoking in private bars & restaurants, the majority not even willing to send an email to contest the issue as a property rights violation to our politicians. It will be no surprise that your silence is construed as accepting further government limitations of your freedoms.

So organizations will push the envelope getting lawmakers to further restrict your rights in a whole myriad of issues. I understand that only 19% of Minnesotans smoke, I am not one of them, and you probably aren't either. But accepting one government infringement and deciding to fight the next is not a strategy for success.

Example, sit through a city council, county commission, or Senate / House committee hearing on the smoking ban issue and you are very likely; as I have; to hear this actual argument by the anti-smoking activists well, we regulate the water temperature behind the bar via the health department there is no reason we shouldn't regulate (ban) smoking. The argument I guarantee you will hear on the next issue (proposed ban) will be something like this: The State banned smoking in private bars & restaurants there is no reason that we shouldn't ban salt in restaurants, or cheeseburgers, or sale of alcohol, etc.

ps. the next MN. House committee hearing on the smoking ban HF405 is Wed. Mar. 2, 2005 members usually have their minds made up by the time they get to that hearing here is a link to the 26 lawmakers on that committee if you want your voice heard send a brief polite email explaining your stand on the issue by Tues. 3/1/2005........if ye be sheep just relax, this isn't going to hurt ........much.

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